Making Progress

2013-02-09 00:31:33 by RyanAndIdk

I've been letting myself off on the new animation for a few weeks but here's what happened while I was gone
-Full animations been scripted
-all voices are in (except for a few of Colins maybe)
-Predicted to be about 4- 6 minutes
-already got 68 seconds done (10 seconds which were finished today)
After the whole animation is done, each scene has to have lip sync added which might take me who knows how long, then it needs to be polished over a bit and frames need to e added to consist the flow of the animation. I'm wondering if I should take the extra time to add shadows as well but I'm not really sure on how to properly shade a frame.

Making Progress


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2013-02-09 08:28:12

Looking great mate! Can't wait to see it finished :)